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Temporary Orders

When the decision is made to file for divorce, it is a very difficult and emotional time. If there are children involved, it can be frightening especially if there are financial concerns. Quite often there are concerns about finances, insurance policies and debt. This is especially true where one spouse handled the finances in the marriage. It is important to speak with an attorney during the initial stages of a dissolution if you have these concerns. A temporary order may be entered with the court that requires both parties to maintain health insurance coverage and financial protection for all parties. These temporary orders are not intended to punish or restrain any particular person, but to maintain the status quo, and protect assets. The orders will often be entered at the same time as a Temporary Child Support Order and Temporary Parenting Plan. If there are any safety concerns, Ms. can assist you in obtaining a protection order preventing contact and protecting your home and children. These orders can often be obtained within twenty-four (24) hours in the event of an emergency.

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