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Protection Orders

On occasion, an adult or child may be in need of a protection order. These orders usually prohibit the Respondent (the perpetrator) from making any contact with the protected person and can prohibit the perpetrator from coming within a specified distance from the protected person, their home, work or business. Anyone who violates the terms of a protection order is subject to criminal arrest and prosecution.

If the parties are in the process of a dissolution, they may choose to enter restraints in the dissolution matter. Because Washington State family law public policy affords zero tolerance for abusive spouses and parents, the courts have made access to protection orders simpler for those in need. A protection order may be obtained the very same day it is requested. In terms of a dissolution, there may be specific requests, such as provisions for visitation or exceptions to allow for exchanges of the children. Your specific circumstances and the needs of your children will determine the orders of the court.

Ms. has assisted many clients in obtaining orders, as well as crafting the language in the order to protect children, as well as allow for visitation where warranted. As a former prosecuting attorney, Ms. is familiar with the domestic violence statutes, as well as criminal process relating to domestic violence.

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