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Divorce cases are often described as property, income and assets. However, they are truly about lives, relationships and the future of the people involved. The process of a divorce, often called “dissolution” by the courts, can create a significant disruption in daily life. Given proper guidance and information, the transition can be much easier to the parties involved, and for any children of the marriage. Quite often, the unknown is what which leads to a high level of anxiety.

Where will I live?
How will I support myself?
How will I support my children?
How do I prevent my spouse from moving our assets?
How do I protect my relationship with my children?

These questions can be answered in an initial consultation. Once a decision has been made to separate, there are many steps that can be taken to avoid costly mistakes that may have long lasting effects to both you and your children.

has represented clients in Thurston, Pierce, Lewis and Mason counties. These matters include contested child custody, parenting plans, child support, property and debt distribution, spousal maintenance, as well as cases involving complex property and financial issues. Ms. can discuss with you the asset and debt divisions as they apply to retirement distributions, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), stock options and other assets.

Most importantly, Ms. will work with you to determine your goals and realistic expectations, formulate a case strategy, prepare, and if necessary litigate and advocate on your behalf.


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