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Domestic violence

The federal government has passed laws criminalizing domestic violence and offering civil relief to victims. Allegations of domestic violence usually result from very complicated family situations that require experience and understanding to explain. understands the family dynamics that may lead to these accusations, and is experienced at making sure your side of the story is told.

If you are facing allegations of Domestic Violence, you know how painful and unfair these situations can be. has experience in representing clients charged with domestic violence. As a former prosecutor, she has the skills and talents to produce the end results her client’s desire.

Quite often, allegations of Domestic Violence will result in the entry of no contact order that may affect your ability to interact with your children or finances to your household. On the other hand, the prosecutor may proceed with criminal charges even though the spouse or partner does not support the filing of charges. Having an attorney experienced in this area will assist you while the matter is pending as well as the final resolution.


Consequences of a Domestic
Violence Conviction:

Protective Orders:

Protective orders are used to prevent contact between victims and their alleged domestic violence abusers. The orders have serious impact on the freedom and abilities of those who are subject to them, and can effect divorce and child custody proceedings.

Full Faith and Credit Laws:

Under Federal Law, a protective order issued in one state must be enforced wherever a violation occurs, even if it is not in the same state where the order was issued. Commonly known as Full Faith and Credit, this law protects victims of domestic violence from abusers who cross state lines to violate the terms of protective orders.

Domestic Violence Treatment Program:

Upon conviction, the court will require an individual to obtain a domestic violence evaluation and undergo treatment which typically consists of an eighteen (18) month program. In addition, domestic violence treatment is often not covered by insurance providers, and as such can become quite expensive for the client.


Upon conviction, the individual is typically placed on probation for a two (2) year period, and required to show proof of financial compliance and satisfactory progress in treatment.

Firearm Rights:

If convicted of an act of domestic violence, an individual will lose his or her rights to possess a firearm for life.

A conviction for domestic violence can also prevent enlistment in the armed forces, or employment as a police/security officer where use of a firearm is required.

Financial Consequences, Fines and Costs:

Treatment programs cost between $1,000.00 and $2,500.00 depending on the length of treatment required. The court costs are typically $500.00 to $1,500.00, depending on the length of probation.

In addition, if a domestic violence conviction can lead to a loss of license for many professionals, including but not limited to doctors, lawyers, nurses, day care workers, and many others. You may also lose your business license if you work in certain fields where state licensing and bonding are required.


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